Top Agriculture Blogs

If you have a green thumb, then celebrate because you are not alone! You have a lot of sources of information for you to explore more about this hobby of yours. Who knows, you might turn this passion into an actual business soon. Learn from these experts and hobbyists as they share their stories and daily guides on how to create great agriculture activities in your backyard. It’s time to get your hands dirty! Read up on the following blogs!

Urban Farmers 1

door Urban Farmers
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The people behind believe in real and fresh food. In order to grow better food that will bring people closer together, things must be done the right way from the start. The growing process is essential. On this website, you can read all you need to know about their work and program, about food and farm related events and of course about fresh and locally grown food. It’s really an inspiring website full of good information.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers 2

door Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff
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This is a great blog for every plant lover! The website talks about everything plant related, from information about the best and coolest plant pots to plant events all over the world. And of course, you must love the pictures with all the well kept plants. If you need inspiration in order to create a more green environment in your home, take a look at the inspirational articles and pictures. The piece about Ruth Bartlett’s apartment for example is a great source of inspiration and information. It will make you want to run to the closest place where they sell plants.

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de Voedselketen 3

door Alex Schreiner and Linder van den Heerik
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If you’re interested in permaculture, or if you are just curious, you must visit this website. It’s a really inspiring source of information for everyone, whether you’ve never heard of permaculture or are a huge fan. You’ll read all about the life and projects of the people behind the blog. You get a real look inside of the lives of these people who love this way of growing food, and for who it has become a huge part of their lives. They also organize courses in which you’ll learn many things about creating your own permaculture. It’s a great way to start your own permaculture at home!

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Comparison in World Farming 4

door Compassion in World Farming
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This website talks about a very serious and important topic: animal well-being. CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) is an international organization fighting for another food system in which animals will be treated with the respect they deserve. They organize events and share a lot of useful information in the hope of changing the view of citizens, politicians, supermarket owners and everyone else. On their website you can read everything about their history, their actions and their goals and motivations.

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Zenith Holland Gardens 5

door Zenith Holland Gardens
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This website doesn’t only contain beautiful and colourful pictures of flowers and accessories, it also contains a ton of information about the store, classes and events. Of course there’s also a blog part, on which you can read about “February in the Garden” for example. It’s a great source of inspiration for every flower and plant fan. Just by reading this blog, you’ll learn many new useful things.

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